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EFCR Sponsored Programs

logo-D4DDiscipling for Development

Discipling: We offer whole-life discipling and hope to the poor—mentoring people to become all God intends them to be, so they can do all God intends them to do. Developing: Experienced disciplers help people help themselves—solve their community’s problems, take control of their own lives, and reproduce this process in others. Transforming: While community members grow as whole persons—physically, socially, psychologically, and spiritually—their lives are transformed.

Help Increase the Peace ProjectHelp Increase the Peace Project (HIPP)

In March 2016, EFCR received an $8,000 grant from Quaker Service Norway to conduct a year-long youth training program, Help Increase the Peace Project (HIPP). is a participatory, experiential program developed by AFSC in 1991 to address issues of interpersonal violence, prejudice, and injustice with participants of all ages, with a focus on middle-and high-school age youth. HIPP is currently in use in more than thirty states and in countries around the world.

Turning the TideTurning the Tide

Turning the Tide (TTT) is a program of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (QPSW). QPSW works with and on behalf of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain to translate our faith into action. TTT works with Quakers and nonviolent activist groups around the world to advance the understanding of active nonviolence and its use for positive social change. They offer our resources and experience to individuals and groups through training workshops, consultations and publications. TTT works with groups to design workshops that meet your specific needs. Popular workshop topics include: active nonviolence, building the alternative, challenging oppression, empowerment, nonviolent direct action planning and preparation, strategy and campaigning, consensus decision-making and effective group work.