Friends School Kamembe

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Pastor Bicunda Sebatunzi

Pastor Bicunda Sebatunzi, Headmaster

Founded in 2000, Friends School Kamembe, in Rusizi District, Western Province, is a technology and science focused secondary school under the care of Kamembe Monthly (area) Meeting. 375 students attend the school—180 boarding and 195 day-school students. Working with his staff, Headmaster, Pastor Bicunda Sebatunzi, has developed the following statement about the School’s mission, vision, goals, objectives and the 2016 action plan.

Mission of the School

Quality education for life, success, and development


Education based on building peace for the next generations and for fostering social, economic, intellectual, and spiritual development

Friends School girls on break during exam week

Friends School girls on break during exam week

Goals and Objectives

Goals: performance and success

  • Offer quality education focusing on practical skills and promoting discipline
    • Social Environment: The School buys goods and services and provides jobs to the wider Kamembe community and students benefit from a variety of clubs and spiritual activities
    • Technological Environment: Teaching Information and Communications Technology (ICT) prepares students in obtaining good jobs in the workforce
  • Train and educate young women and men who will be capable of developing Rwandan society
  • Provide employment, on-the-job training, and better salaries for all School staff
  • The School supports and participates in government programs to help build the community

Action Plan for 2016

  • The Headmaster of the School, pastor Bicunda Sebatunzi, solemnly declares to accomplish the following:
    • Promoting quality education—recruiting competent, qualified permanent and visiting teachers
    • Evaluating teachers in their pedagogical approach to learning-teaching activities. The rate of success will be 96%.
    • Emphasizing discipline as the key to success

Key Friends School Kamembe Staff

Mureramanzi Josue, Master of Studies

Mureramanzi Josue,
Master of Studies

Nyiraneza Egidie, Secretary

Nyiraneza Egidie,

Ncunguyinka Obed, Master of Discipline

Ncunguyinka Obed,
Master of Discipline

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